PhD Scholarships Available!

We are selecting candidates for 3 PhD scholarships. The ideal candidates should have a MSc in chemistry (or equivalent degree) with experience in chemical synthesis (synthesis of small molecules or polymers or nanomaterials, and their characterisation techniques, especially NMR spectroscopy)

This is a 3-year position with a salary of ca. 1200 €/month. A period abroad of 3-6 months to learn new techniques to apply to the project can be arranged.

Description to the specific projects are below.

PROJECT 1: Fully polymeric protocells for next-gen protocellular materials

PROJECT 2: Designing photo-actuating protocellular materials for new applications

PROJECT 3: Engineering effective adhesions between protocellular materials and living cells for tissue engineering applications

Student who are interested in this opportunity should contact Prof. Gobbo directly ( and send him a CV and a motivation letter where they (i) describe their background, and (ii) explain what they can bring to project and how they would develop it.

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