Colloidosomes as a Protocell Model: Engineering Life-Like Behaviour through Organic Chemistry

Colloidosomes are robust, versatile microcapsules that have emerged as promising candidates for protocell models. Read our just published review that highlights the role of organic chemistry in the engineering of colloidosomes with life-like behaviours, such as selective membrane permeability, adhesion, chemical signalling, dynamic multi-compartmentalisation, replication, and predation.

Automated Analysis of Soft Material Microindentation

Our RSC Soft Matter article is now published. The work describes the validation of a new method for the automated analysis of thousands of indentation curves for the 3D mapping of the mechanical properties of soft materials. The work was carried out in collaboration with Dr. Sebastien Rochat and Prof. Richard Trask at the University of Bristol, and funded by the EU Marie Curie Actions and the UK's EPSRC.