Postdoctoral position available!

We are selecting candidates for a postdoctoral position. The ideal candidates should join our group in Italy from abroad and have a PhD in polymer chemistry. Specifically we seek a researcher with expertise in small molecule and polymer synthesis and characterisation (i.e., Schlenk line operation, polymerisations, NMR spectroscopy, gel permeation chromatography, light scattering, etc.), or in the characterisation of the mechanical of polymeric materials (Young’s modulus, viscoelasticity, dynamic mechanical analysis, etc.).

A description of the project is available here: Development of mechanosensitive protocellular materials as next-gen substrates for mechanobiology.

Researchers who are interested in this opportunity should contact Prof. Gobbo directly ( and send him a CV and a motivation letter where they (i) describe their background, and (ii) explain what they can bring to project and how they would develop it.

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