New students join the Gobbo Group

Despite current global pandemic our students’ thirst for discovery keeps on growing. The Gobbo Group welcomes MRes student Ms Estela Bocarando Salcido and ESPRC Vacation Bursary awardee Ms Victoria Jiang.

Ms Estela Bocarando Salcido

Ms Estela Bocarando Salcido is a Bristol Centre for Functional Nanomaterials (BCFN) MRes student working with Dr Sara Correia Carreira (main supervisor, School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine). In the next months she will design ways to conjugate protocellular materials to living tissues and study the mechanical properties of the resulting hybrid biomaterial.

Ms Victoria Jiang is a 2nd year Chemistry student and will start advancing the communication properties of protocellular materials using DNA nanotechnology. The project is in collaboration with Dr Thomas Gorochowski (School of Biological Sciences, who is an expert in the design of gene and DNA-based computational circuitry.

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