Postdoctoral position NOW AVAILABLE!

Supervisor: Pierangelo Gobbo
Institution: Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Trieste (Italy)
Industry involved: Enphos S.R.L.
Duration of the project: 12 months

This 12-month project is funded by Enphos, an industry in the northeast of Italy leader in the development of eco-sustainable systems to produce solar fuels and hydrogen. The project aims to develop the first photosynthetic protocells capable of utilizing sunlight, water and CO2 to autonomously and continuously synthesize O2 and fuels at low costs.

Researchers interested in receiving more information on this research opportunity should contact Dr. Gobbo as soon as possible ( They should send their CV and explain (i) the reason for their interest in the project, and (ii) how their previous research experience could contribute to the project’s success.

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